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Name Loftfamily
Date 2018-03-21 13:52:42

Mon site existe depuis janvier 2001 et son principal attrait est la webcam qui montre ma vie de tous les jours un peu partout dans mon appartement. Elle est en direct, actualisée toutes les 10 secondes ou en live tous les jours 24 heures sur 24. Pour y accéder il faut vous inscrire, ho non rassurez-vous c'est gratuit et simple, mais pour des raisons personnelles (harcèlement d'une personne mal intentionnée) j'ai décidé qu'une bonne partie de mon site soit accessible en zone membres. Pour tout public.

Name LatonyaMIc
Date 2018-02-28 12:04:33

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Name Elkos Healt
Date 2017-06-25 12:58:53

Cool Webcam found: Homepage

Name Jim
Date 2016-11-26 01:26:52


Name John Baarslag
Date 2013-01-13 19:39:51

Mijn complimenten voor de site. Goed opgezet en erg leuke cam beelden staan ertussen. Zo kom je nog eens ergens

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Dat is zeker waar veel plezier met surfen!

Name Fahim
Date 2013-01-09 15:49:09

when i write any message in shoutbox, it says "Name is required" I tried adding my name in the beginning as well as after the message, but again "Name is required" appeared. How should I add my name.

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Try it again it must be working fine

Name Toms
Date 2012-01-17 19:56:07

Thank you for your words.
It turns out that I pulse Ryazan and unresponsive. Only is with this name the others go very well.

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Do u like the changes we have made on front page?

Name Toms
Date 2012-01-17 13:29:44

I can not see the city of Ryazan in Former ex/Russia, it is normal...?
Thanks you, I like very much your everyday webcam.

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Good to hear u like! We know your a fan from the first day ! Which nr has the Russian webcam?

Name Don Priester
Date 2012-01-04 00:11:47

Like Your Web Page

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Thanks thanks!!

Name jack
Date 2011-03-04 11:58:58

het is een mooie site en nu zeker met die hd-cams, je kan op een hele mooie manier op zeer veel plekkies de aarde zien.

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Morgen komen er nog eens 6 HD cams bij dus bekijk ze morgen maar eens daar zitten echt cristal heldere beelden tussen! Veel plezier op! Mocht jezelf nog cams weten stuur ze op via contact bovenin de site.

Name keith
Date 2011-01-24 22:14:10

Please can you tell me why a lot of web cams dont work. Tank you.

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there are maybe 10.000's of webcams inside we cant control them all. They come and go. But soon this year we get a new website it will be all automatic. When a cam is dead this webcam will not show up anymore. So be patient and check back from time to time for the new

Name luis
Date 2010-10-17 05:41:16

snow cam please

nosotros en buenos aires arg. estamos entrando en el verano y ni ahun en invierno vemos la nieve. asi que por favor snow cam. thank

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Check the snow and ski webcams

Name Craig Mellstrom
Date 2010-04-21 20:09:43

I love Your Webcams And Go On to it Every Day And I like The HD Webcams U now Have.

Thanks kep up the gd work

Craig Mellstrom From Greenock Scotland

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Good to hear that Craig! Yeah the HD cams are the future cams! More and more we will find and add them! Just add 4 high quality cams today!

Name luis ramon coronel
Date 2010-03-30 23:41:17

exelente sitio con muchas webcam sobre todo haciendo streaming.

PD: Realmente soy un fan de

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Good to hear u like it!

Name kris
Date 2010-02-15 22:47:29

ik find web cam plaza egt gewelidig om naar te kijken en zoo het lijkt mij ook leuk om een cam er op te zetten maar het leukt mij niet ik heb een beetje mooite er me om dat ik heb froege mooite ge had met leeren wie zou mij er mee kenen helpen groetje kris

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Wie weet leest het iemand en kan die je helpen? Succes ermee!

Name Hans van Veldhoven
Date 2010-01-30 11:01:42

Mrs, mr,

I like this website/programm to look to the free world without borders !

Via this way i try to ask you, whi the Suggestion button dont work :
Is it possible to organiaiz the list from the Netherland,s in a list of nummeric or alfabetic order, or a special button to do this?
Or please sent me a procedure to do this, to choose faster a webcam.

I like this website/program !

Hans van Veldhoven / Netherlands

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De webcams op de Nederland pagina zijn van A tot Z per provincie. Meer kunnen we helaas niet doen.
Veel plezier op!

Name Toms
Date 2010-01-01 10:59:26

Happy new year 2010 !!.
You are the best in the world !!

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For u the same Toms! As fav visitor of we hope to find many new cams and events in 2010!
Hope u liked the new year cams however many were dead bec of high traffic. Ciao!

Name jeff
Date 2009-12-28 20:20:25

hope you had a great xmas hope you have a great new year 2010.cheers.

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Greetings, and all the best from our team!

Name Toms
Date 2009-12-23 11:54:51

Thank you for your new HD section. It is good to see images nitided

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Yeah they are nice huh!! We found some more! Enjoy! Team

Name Toms
Date 2009-11-17 08:44:25

Today you made a mistake. Skelleftea is a swedish city non a swiss city.

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U were right! We changed it too Scandinavia Webcams , Sweden!

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